Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2014 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a TV Movie/Miniseries

2014 Nomination Predictions
Matt Bomer "The Normal Heart"
Martin Freeman "Sherlock: His Last Vow"
John Goodman "Dancing on the Edge"
Colin Hanks "Fargo"
Frank Langella "Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight"
Jim Parsons "The Normal Heart"

Other Contenders - Joe Mantello "The Normal Heart", Blair Underwood "The Trip to Bountiful", Alfred Molina "Return to Zero", Taylor Kitsch "The Normal Heart", Danny Huston "American Horror Story: Coven", Evan Peters "American Horror Story: Coven", Denis O'Hare "American Horror Story: Coven", Oliver Platt "Fargo", Danny Glover "Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight", Keith Carradine "Fargo", William Hurt "Bonnie and Clyde", Jon Hamm "Clear History"

Commentary - The question in this category is, how many of The Normal Heart guys will make the cut? Matt Bomer seems like a lock at this point, and honestly, with his emotional portrayal, I'll be surprised if he doesn't win. Jim Parsons is clearly a favorite with the Television Academy voters, and will most likely be a double nominee this year. Beyond these two there are no guarantees. Joe Mantello is a Broadway favorite, and got the Critics Choice Television Award nod over Parsons, but when it comes to the Academy, I think Parsons has the edge. The other guys are all fighting for the spotlight, but it is probably one or more of these three. Martin Freeman has had a hell of a year on television, and like Parsons, could end up as a double nominee. He had a particularly good year on Sherlock, and was able to show his range a lot more than the first two seasons. The last three slots are tricky. I am not predicting Blair Underwood, but he really held his own against a legend in The Trip to Bountiful. The guys didn't have much chance to shine this season of American Horror Story, but they should not be counted out. And performances from Alfred Molina, Danny Glover, Keith Carradine, and William Hurt are certain to be noticed. But I think the last three slots are reserved for somebody else. First there is John Goodman, who has a great role in Dancing on the Edge. While he has never inspired enough support to earn him an overdue Oscar nomination, he has earned ten nominations, and one statue from the television community. Frank Langella has an incredibly baity role in Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight, but the film as a whole landed softly, and I do wonder if Emmy voters are even paying attention. Plus, Langella has a reputation for being unlikable, which is never good when your asking your peers to vote for you. Finally, I was so happy to see Colin Hanks get to shine in a role. I have always thought he was talented, but has never really found his stride. He was fantastic in Fargo, a perfect pair with Allison Tolman, and gets a great couple of scenes in the season finale. I think he earns his first Emmy nomination.

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