Friday, December 18, 2015

Academy Narrows Best Foreign Language Film to Nine

Of course lots of contenders missed, the biggest being Goodnight Mommy, The Club, and The Assassin.

Belgium, "The Brand New Testament," Jaco Van Dormael, director;
Colombia, "Embrace of the Serpent," Ciro Guerra, director;
Denmark, "A War," Tobias Lindholm, director;
Finland, "The Fencer," Klaus Härö, director;
France, "Mustang," Deniz Gamze Ergüven, director;
Germany, "Labyrinth of Lies," Giulio Ricciarelli, director;
Hungary, "Son of Saul," László Nemes, director;
Ireland, "Viva," Paddy Breathnach, director;
Jordan, "Theeb," Naji Abu Nowar, director.

My updated predictions:

The Brand New Testament (Belgium)
The Fencer (Finland)
Labyrinth of Lies (Germany)
Mustang (France)
Son of Saul (Hungary)

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