Saturday, June 28, 2014

2014 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best TV Movie

2014 Nomination Predictions
Burton and Taylor
Killing Kennedy
The Normal Heart
Sherlock: His Last Vow
The Trip to Bountiful

Other Contenders - Return to Zero, A Day Late and a Dollar Short, Clear History, Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight, Flowers in the Attic

Commentary - I know how this sounds, but there is really no point here. The Normal Heart most likely has this one in the bag, and while a few of the contenders here are also worthy, none of them have the buzz, the cast and crew, or the hype that The Normal Heart does. Sherlock: His Last Vow, which for some strange reason is submitting as a television movie instead of its miniseries as a whole, and The Trip to Bountiful led by the fantastic Cicely Tyson, are bound for nominations as well, but despite both of their successes I don't think either has the muscle to beat The Normal Heart. The last nominations are a bit of a crap shoot. I think Killing Kennedy, despite its Bill O'Reilly roots, can definitely get in. It is an historical piece, and features a favorite of the voters Rob Lowe. The last slot is really tricky. By the time my final list is revealed, I might have moved Return to Zero, and Minnie Driver into my nominations field, as the buzz seems to be growing. And HBO is behind Clear History and Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight, so even if they both had soft landings, they will still have a great marketing team behind them. And don't forget the emotional A Day Late and Dollar Short. While it missed the mark with critics, it is an incredibly emotional film with a great cast. But I think, right now that is, that Burton and Taylor will take the last slot. It is about Hollywood royalty, features a fine cast, and it appeals to the British obsessed Anglophiles who also vote for things like Downton Abbey every year.

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