Wednesday, November 23, 2011

State of the Race: November Predictions - Best Supporting Actress

November Predictions
Berenice Bojo "The Artist"
Jessica Chastain "The Help"
Vanessa Redgrave "Coriolanus"
Octavia Spencer "The Help"
Shailene Woodley "The Descendants"

Other Contenders - Sandra Bullock "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close", Melissa McCarthy "Bridesmaids", Janet McTeer "Albert Nobbs", Carey Mulligan "Shame", Jessica Chastain "The Tree of Life", Jessica Chastain "Take Shelter", Judy Greer "The Descendants", Evan Rachel Wood "The Ides of March", Marion Cotillard "Midnight in Paris", Emily Watson "War Horse", Jodie Foster "Carnage", Kate Winslet "Carnage", Angelica Huston "50/50", Bryce Dallas Howard "The Help", Judi Dench "J. Edgar"

Commentary - There seems to be a growing consesus around 8-10 names, with 5-6 really heading the pack. But as the critics awards pour in this could change, especially since I think there is no true frontrunner. But if I were to guess, Octavia Spencer is definitely leading the pack with her star making turn in The Help. I also am standing my ground that Jessica Chastain will get in for something, and I think she will join Spencer with The Help. Spencer's biggest competitor at this point is Vanessa Redgrave, but I think the movie as a whole has some problems (a plague affecting a lot of acting contenders this year), and some of her personal politics have turned off people in recent years (an idiotic reason to not nominate some one), so I am not 100% she can beat her fellow nominees, or get nominated at all. Berenice Bojo has quickly risen up the charts as The Artist seems to be charming the pants off of people, and I think if it can sustain its buzz, then she will be a formidable contender, and a dark horse for the win as it is a borderline lead performance. Finally, I am going with newcomer Shailene Woodley (ok she's not that new, but new to the race), as I think The Descendants has a lot of steam going into the big race, and apparently she holds her own against George Clooney ala Anna Kendrick.


  1. Great set of predictions. I actually think Spencer's biggest challenger is Berenice Bejo. Her buzz just keeps on getting stronger and she does have a lot of screen time. I'm really hoping Shailene Woodley can get nominated because she not only holds her own against George Clooney but steals almost every scene from him.

  2. First of all thank you. Second of all, I think that as the season goes on, it will be a race to finish for the breakout performances (Spencer, Bojo, Woodley, and Chastain), and Redgrave will have to be satisfied with a nod. I agree that Bojo is on the rise. If she gets some critical awards, then this race will get interesting.