Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brett Ratner Steps Down as Oscar Producer

After his recent remark that "rehearsals are for fags", a derogatory comment to say the least, and completely uncalled for, Brett Ratner received a lot well-deserved backlash, and this afternoon, it was announced that he has submitted his recognition. The Academy released a statement stating "This morning, Brett Ratner submitted his resignation as a producer of the 84th annual Academy Awards to Academy President Tom Sherak. Ratner then issued an open letter to the entertainment industry in which he explained his decision." I personally am happy because I think that he was not a great choice for the Oscars, and that Eddie Murphy, the writers, and all those involved will be better off without him around. The question remains though, who will replace him?

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  1. I guess he was already replaced, I wonder who did. I haven´t read anything about the subject.