Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Oscar Narrative: Final Nomination Predictions - Best Director

Final Nomination Predictions
Christopher Nolan "Dunkirk"
Jordan Peele "Get Out"
Greta Gerwig "Lady Bird"
Guillermo Del Toro "The Shape of Water"
Martin McDonagh "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri"

Other Contenders - Denis Villeneuve "Blade Runner 2049", Luca Guadagnino "Call Me By Your Name", Sean Baker "The Florida Project", Joe Wright "Darkest Hour", Dee Rees "Mudbound", Craig Gillespie "I, Tonya"

Commentary - I am sticking with the five DGA nominations, because those feel like the top five films, and the most likely choices. But this is a group that is anything but normal. A lot of folks are thinking Sean Baker will pull a Benh Zeitlin, and he could. I think that BAFTA elevating Guadagnino and Villeneuve was interesting, and I actually think Villeneuve is one to watch here. The whole Academy will probably not reward Blade Runner 2049 with a Best Picture nomination, but this branch doesn't care if it respects or likes the work or the director. But in the end, I think that the DGA hit it right with its nods, and I think voters will respond to lack of diversity and Me Too movement and ensure those final two slots go to Gerwig and Peele over more older white guys. Plus Lady Bird and Get Out are clearly beloved by industry voters, which could help them get over the top in this competitive race.

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