Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 MTV Movie Award Predictions: Best Scared as S*** Performance

Will Win - Brad Pitt "World War Z"

Could Win - Vera Farmiga "The Conjuring", Jessica Chastain "Mama", Rose Byrne "Insidious 2"

Should Win - Vera Farmiga "The Conjuring"

Commentary - I personally think that Vera Farmiga is great in everything, and even though I don't particularly like horror films, The Conjuring was certainly a step above the norm within the genre. And while Mama was not that great, Jessica Chastain is a great talent. Both are dark horses here, but they are up against a juggernaut at the MTV Movie Awards. And while The Conjuring and Mama certainly have their following, World War Z was a huge blockbuster, and I think that the teenage girls who make up the largest voting bloc will go for the hunk, and the film that they prefer.

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