Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Upcoming Spring/Summer Projects

While the Oscars are still tumbling around in my mind, it is time to move on and look forward to an exciting spring and summer Awards season, before we head into yet more Oscar madness. It truly is a never ending cycle. And I love it. Here is a little list of what to expect in the next several months.

1) Complete coverage of the MTV Movie Awards
2) Complete coverage of the Tony Awards
3) Complete coverage of the Daytime Emmy Awards
4) Complete coverage of the Emmy Awards
5) Top 50/100 Films of the Decade...So Far 
6) Top 100 Directors of all Time (I did an earlier list very early on in my blogging career, and let's face it, it was awful, a true list is needed).
7) The 6th Annual Halfway Awards 
8) Coverage of the Cannes Film Festival, the summer box-office, and the early 2015 Oscar race! 

1 comment:

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