Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top 100 Films of the 2010's...So Far: Rules and Process

So in the spring and the summer, while the Oscar season wraps up its previous effort, and starts gearing up for the season ahead, I gear up for several projects, lists, favorites to entertain the readers in the lull. This year, I have come up with two. One I will start later in the summer months, dealing with the Top 100 Film Directors of All Time. But first, I had this idea. We are now four years into a new decade, and so far the quality of films has been great. So I am going to pause here and take a look at what this still young decade has offered us so far, by presenting my personal favorite Top 100 Films of the 2010's...So Far. Here are some ground rules.

1) The films have to had been released in 2010, 2011, 2012, or 2013. I am not adding any yet from 2014 (honestly, so far there are none that deserve it, although I haven't see The Grand Budapest Hotel yet).
2) I will do three rounds. The contenders from each year. The finalist from each year, and then the final list itself.
3) There are no restrictions on the types of films, just as long as they were released in the time frame.
4) These are my personal picks and favorites. Of course the quality and prestige of the film are important, but my own personal opinions will of course rule the day.

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