Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Oscar Narrative: Final Oscar Predictions - Best Sound Mixing and Sound Editing

Best Sound Mixng
Will Win/Should Win - Gravity
Could Win - Captain Phillips or Inside Llewyn Davis
Commentary - Unless there is a bold musical in the bunch, Sound Mixing and its Sound Editing counterpart are always interesting choices. This year, Inside Llewyn Davis has a lot of music, so it cannot be counted out, but to be honest, I just don't think this film is really on their radar this year. The other big contender here is Captain Phillips. Like Gravity, it is a technical achievement, and its sound is an intricate part of the film's experience. It could be a sleeper here and in Sound Editing. But I think that Gravity, being the technical achievement of this year, and having incredible sound work, with walk away with this is a mini-tech sweep. The CAS Awards are this weekend. If they go a drastically different way, then I will consider a change. But for now I am sticking with my guns.

Best Sound Editing
Will Win/Should Win - Gravity
Could Win - Captain Phillips
Commentary - After last year's surprising tie, I guess this is a category to watch for. But, once again, unless there is a big musical in the mix for Sound Mixing, this category tends to match up with the former. Plus, Gravity won the top prize at MPSE, so if voters are looking to the guild for guidance, then Gravity will be there choice. Once again though, the film to watch for is Captain Phillips, which is clearly well-liked within the industry despite two key snubs on Oscar nomination morning.

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