Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 BAFTA Predictions: Tech Categories

Best Cinematography
Will Win/Should Win - Emmanuel Lubezki "Gravity"
Could Win - Any of the other four.
Commentary - Honestly, I would be jaw-dropped if Lubezki did not continue his streak here at BAFTA on his way to Oscar. With Captain Phillips and 12 Years not crossing over to Oscar, I think that has made this even easier, as there is probably not a clear second.

Best Costume Design
Will Win/Should Win - The Great Gatsby
Could Win - American Hustle or Behind the Candelabra
Commentary - The Great Gatsby is everybody's prediction for the Oscar, but it has two big hurdles. The first is here at BAFTA, and the second is the Costume Designers Guild on February 22nd. I think it easily clears both on its way to Oscars. Hustle could win here and get itself a win before the ceremony, and the garb of Liberace could throw everything off with a win for Behind the Candelabra

Best Film Editing
Will Win/Should Win - Captain Phillips
Could Win - Gravity or 12 Years a Slave
Commentary - The Eddie was a big win for Captain Phillips, and could lead to a well-deserved Oscar win. The BAFTA will be a big test for the film, or a big boost for Gravity who could rebound from its Eddie loss, and make this a real horse-race. I think Phillips, which really works because of its tense editing, will pull off another win here.

Best Makeup and Hair Design
Will Win - American Hustle
Could Win - Behind the Candelabra
Should Win - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Commentary - Hustle didn't make the cut with the Oscars, but given its popularity, I think it will win here. Once again the spoiler is Candelabra. If they want to reward the actual work, then Candelabra is a solid bet. If they are enthralled in the film races at the moment, Hustle will prevail.

Best Original Score
Will Win/Should Win - Steven Price "Gravity"
Could Win - Hans Zimmer "12 Years a Slave"
Commentary - I am surprised that Philomena missed here but got in over on the American side (because I might have predicted it). But instead, I will go with the safe, and best choice, of Steven Price for Gravity.

Best Production Design
Will Win/Should Win - The Great Gatsby
Could Win - Gravity or Behind the Candelabra
Commentary - Once again, The Great Gatsby has two hurdles. It won at ADG, and now BAFTA. I think it is a slam dunk.

Best Sound
Will Win/Should Win- Gravity
Could Win - Really any of them.
Commentary -  A great set of nominees this year, but I think that the big technical achievement that is Gravity will take this in a near-sweep of its tech nods.

Best Visual Effects
Will Win/Should Win - Gravity
Could Win - Ain't Gonna Happen
Commentary - Duh.

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