Saturday, March 2, 2013

Best of the Emmy Awards: Contenders - Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series

Patrick McGoohan “Columbo”
Gordon Jackson “Upstairs, Downstairs”
Louis Gossett Jr. “Roots”
Barnard Hughes “Lou Grant”
John Lithgow “Amazing Stories”
Joe Spano “Midnight Caller”
David Opatoshu “Gabriel’s Fire”
Laurence Fishburne “Tribeca”
Richard Kiley “Picket Fences”
Paul Winfield “Picket Fences”
Peter Boyle “The X-Files”
Pruitt Taylor Vance “Murder One”
John Larroquette “The Practice”
Edward Herrmann “The Practice”
James Whitmore “The Practice”
Michael Emerson “The Practice”
Charles S. Dutton “The Practice”
Charles S. Dutton “Without a Trace”
William Shatner “The Practice”
Ray Liotta “ER”
Christian Clemenson “Boston Legal”
John Goodman “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”
Glynn Turman “In Treatment”
Michael J. Fox “Rescue Me”
John Lithgow “Dexter”
Paul McCrane “Harry’s Law”
Jeremy Davies “Justified”

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