Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Best of the Emmy Awards: Contenders - Best Directing in a Comedy Series

Father Knows Best – Medal for Margaret
Jack Benny Hour Specials
The Danny Thomas Show
Car 54, Where Are You?
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Monkees – Royal Flush
Get Smart – Maxwell Smart, Private Eye
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Toulouse Lautrec Is One Of My Favorite Artists
All in the Family – Sammy’s Visit
The Mary Tyler Moore Show – It’s Whether You Win or Lose
M*A*S*H – Carry On, Hawkeye
The Carol Burnett Show
M*A*S*H – O.R.
M*A*S*H – Welcome to Korea
M*A*S*H – Dear Sigmund
All in the Family – Ediths 50th Birthday
Barney Miller – The Harris Incident
Taxi – Louie and the Nice Girl
Taxi – Elaine’s Strange Triangle
One Day at a Time – Barbara’s Crisis
Cheers – Showdown Part II
Kate & Allie – A Very Loud Family
The Cosby Show – The Younger Woman
The Cosby Show  - Denise’s Friend
The Golden Girls – Isn’t It Romatic
Hooperman – Pilot
The Wonder Years – Our Miss White
The Wonder Years – Good-bye
Cheers – Woody Interruptus
Murphy Brown – Birth 101
Dream On – For Peter’s Sake
Frasier – The Good Son
Frasier – The Matchmaker
Friends – The One After the Super Bowl
Frasier – To Kill a Talking Bird
The Larry Sanders Show – Flip
Sports Night – Pilot
Malcolm in the Middle – Pilot
Malcolm in the Middle – Bowling
Sex and the City – The Real Me
Curb Your Enthusiasm – Krazee-Eyez Killas
Arrested Development – Pilot
Desperate Housewives – Pilot
My Name is Earl – Pilot
Ugly Betty – Pilot
Pushing Daisies – Pie-lette
The Office – Stress Relief  
Glee – Pilot
Modern Family – Halloween
Modern Family – Baby on Board

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