Sunday, July 8, 2012

RIP Ernest Borgnine and Andy Griffith

First, I know I am a couple of days behind on Andy. But as a fellow Tar Heel Born and Tar Heel Bred, Carolina graduate, and liberal Democrat, I have yet to find the words to describe what the loss of Andy Griffith means to me and my family. He was a wonderful actor and man, and will be sorely missed. Then, just as I am getting over Andy, I hear that the great Ernest Borgnine, an Academy Award winner and television/film legend died at the age of 95. These are great losses that will never be replaced. Both men were pioneers and legends in the business, and deserved all the love and support they received. The thoughts and prayers of The Awards Psychic go out to the family and friends of both gentlemen. RIP old friends.

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  1. We lost Mermaidman from SpongeBob? Life ruined forever. :(