Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Actress in TV Movie/Miniseries

2012 Nomination Predictions
1. Julianne Moore "Game Change"
2. Nicole Kidman "Hemingway and Gelhorn"
3. Rachel Weisz "Page Eight"
4. Emily Watson "Appropriate Adult"
5. Connie Britton "American Horror Story"

Other Contenders - Romola Garai "The Hour", Patricia Clarkson "Five", Emma Thompson "The Song of Lunch"
Commentary - Is there any point to having nominations in this category this year? Isn't Julianne Moore going with win in a landslide? While she probably will, there are some strong contenders that will fight it out with her in the ring, and probably lose. Although Hemingway and Gelhorn didn't get quite the reception people had expected, the name Nicole Kidman will be enough and she will get in. Emily Watson got a SAG nod earlier this year, and did well across the pond. She is well liked, and I expect a nod for her as well. Another Brit, Rachel Weisz should get in for Page Eight, once again, being an Oscar winner doesn't hurt. In the final slot, names like Emma Thompson and Patricia Clarkson are hard to pass up, but instead I am going with Connie Britton. She received nods for Friday Night Lights, and unless American Horror Story doesn't do well with voters (which is a possibility), I think she has enough lingering popularity (and buzz for Nashville, her new fall show) to carry the final slot.

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