Thursday, July 5, 2012

2012 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Guest Actress in a Comedy Series

2012 Nomination Predictions
1. Melissa McCarthy "Saturday Night Live"
2. Ellen Barkin "Modern Family"
3. Patricia Clarkson "Parks & Recreation"
4. Blythe Danner "Up All Night"
5. Elaine Stritch "30 Rock"
6. Cynthia Nixon "The Big C"

Other Contenders - Maya Rudolph "SNL", Dot-Marie Jones "Glee", Whoopi Goldberg "Glee", Kathy Bates "Two and a Half Men", Doris Roberts "Hot in Cleveland", Doris Roberts "Desperate Housewives", Mary Steenburgen "30 Rock", Chloe-Grace Moretz "30 Rock", Ana Gasteyer "Curb Your Enthusiasm", Lily Tomlin "Eastbound and Down", Susan Sarandon "The Big C", Megan Mullaly "Up All Night"
Commentary - So many contenders, any one of the names listed could be in the final six, legitimately. A few contenders seem like sure bets. Ellen Barkin's hilarious turn in Modern Family is a sure-fire bet. For the win, I think it is between her, and the incredible turn of Melissa McCarthy on SNL. She may be fighting for her life to get back into Comedy Actress, the category she won last year. But she has a better shot in this one. Elaine Stritch could miss the cut, but she has been dominant in this category, winning before for this same role. And as long as the Television Academy loves 30 Rock, I won't bet against her. Patricia Clarkson is antoher name that is standing out. As Parks & Rec is rising on the Emmy radar, and Clarkson is an Oscar nominee whose face is all over quality work, I think voters won't be able to pass her up. Blythe Danner is a former Emmy winner, whose turn in Up All Night was a stroke of comic genius. But I wonder about the overall power of the show. Although her name alone helps her overcome that potential obstacle. Finally, I had to decide between Maya Rudolph and Cynthia Nixon. I am going with Nixon. I think her turn had more depth, and she is well-liked. If I were voting though Rudolph would get in, and I think she could easily make the cut. Watch out for Mullaly, Roberts, Gasteyer, Bates, Jones, Goldberg, Tomlin and Sarandon. All of them are popular actors will Emmy history that are big contenders.

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  1. As much as I don't find her particularly funny, McCarthy is probably going to take it home. I'd prefer it if Whoopi Goldberg would take it home. Barkin, Clarkson, Danner, and Nixon are my other choices.