Friday, January 18, 2019

The Oscar Narrative: Final Nomination Predictions - Best Supporting Actor

Final Nomination Predictions
Mahershala Ali "Green Book"
Timothee Chalamet "Beautiful Boy"
Adam Driver "BlacKkKlansman"
Sam Elliott "A Star is Born"
Richard E. Grant "Can You Ever Forgive Me?"

Other Contenders - Sam Rockwell "Vice", Michael B. Jordan "Black Panther"

Commentary - Four guys have gotten SAG, BAFTA, Critics Choice, and the Globe: Ali, Chalamet, Driver, and Grant. That is a hard quartet to beat, and in fact, I don't think any actor has managed to lose out on a nomination with all four in their pocket. That leaves one slot. Sam Rockwell got the Globe and BAFTA. Sam Elliott got SAG and Critics Choice. Both are smaller roles in beloved films. But I think that A Star is Born is stronger, and that Sam Elliott, the legend without a nomination under his belt, will take the final slot. I also still think that Michael B. Jordan, who is the soul of Black Panther, could be a darkhorse contender that beats both Elliott and Rockwell to that fifth slot.

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