Friday, June 21, 2013

Disney's Frozen - Teaser Trailer

Could Frozen be this year's favorite animated film? Could it beat out Monster's University in a Disney vs. Pixar rematch after last year's loss to Brave? We'll of course have to wait and see, but this year's animated crop looks to be a bit weaker than last years, and while Monster's University is getting decent reviews, they are no where near Pixar's usual. This little clip that Disney has put out as a teaser trailer looks more like Ice Age than another Disney classic, but there is always hope:

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  1. I actually liked Brave more than I liked Wreck-it Ralph personally, so I was very happy with its win on Oscar night. I am just a huge Pixar fanboy and I hate how the Critics automatically come to the conclusion that just because Pixar released one dud (Cars 2) then that means that they now suck and that everyone shouldn't go to those movies anymore, which I call shenanigans