Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Emmy Predictions: Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Will Win - Maggie Smith "Downton Abbey"
Should Win  Anna Gunn "Breaking Bad" or Archie Panjabi "The Good Wife"
Could Win - Christina Hendricks "Mad Men" or Joanne Froggatt "Downton Abbey"
Commentary - Most pundits agree that Christina Hendricks has had her best season on Mad Men, and that her episode is clearly the best submission of the six. So you are probably asking yourself, then why isn't he predicting her to win? Well, there are always other factors in the Emmy race beyond the episodes, and I think that the former will outweigh the latter. Let's first the consider the fact that no actor has ever won an Emmy for Mad Men. Last year both Jon Hamm and John Slattery had knockout episodes and everything seemed to be going there way to finally break the curse. But as the names were read off, Kyle Chandler and Peter Dinklage, once again the Mad Men actors were left out in the cold. That does not mean that I don't think Hendricks can win, it is an extremely close race, but the Downton Abbey women are putting up a fight. A completely surprise nominee, Joanne Froggatt is actually a dark horse contender if you watch her episode, and consider how hot the show is, but I think that one think stands  in her way, as well as Hendricks'. Of course I am talking about the great Maggie Smith. Other than Panjabi, she is the only actress in this category to have won for the role they are nominated for. She is an acting legend, is all over the place with new movies this year, and while her role consists of great one-liners, and not the depth of Hendricks', or Panjabi's or Gunn's for that matter, I think that Emmy voters will have a hard time resisting her again.


  1. Even if I ran the Emmy awards, I would give Smith the award, but I for one would absolutely love it if Hendricks wins this in the next year or two, depending on how much longer Mad Men will be on.

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