Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012 Emmy Predictions: Directing in a Comedy Series

Will Win - Robert B. Weide "Curb Your Enthusiasm - Palestinian Chicken"
Should Win/Could Win - Louis C.K. "Louie - Duckling"
Could Win - Steve Levitan "Modern Family - Baby on Board"
Commentary - So this is another close race. Modern Family has two contenders, and considering that it is most likely going to take its third Emmy for Best Comedy Series, then it is probably the pick of most people. But I think that two episodes are acutally ahead. Louis C.K. will hopefully win at least one Emmy this year, considering all his nominations, and this is definitely a category where he could take the gold. But I think that Curb Your Enthusiasm's Palestinian Chicken will be too much for the director's branch to pass up and I think that Robert B. Weide, who has been nominated a bunch of times for Curb, and has already won for it as well, will add another Emmy to his mantel.

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  1. Curb is a hilarious show and the "Palenstian Chicken" episode is a great episode, but if I ran the awards, I would like to give this to Louis C.K., because he'll probably lose everything else he's in.