Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 Emmy Predictions: Guest Actor in a Drama Series

Will Win - Mark Margolis "Breaking Bad"
Could Win - Michael J. Fox "The Good Wife"
Should Win - Dylan Baker "The Good Wife"
Commentary - Once you get beyond the first two names of Mark Margolis and Michael J. Fox, I really don't see any of the other contenders winning. I personally love Dylan Baker's Colin Sweeney, but his episode really only has impact if you really know the character all the way back to the first season. So it comes down to Fox vs. Margolis. Fox is the bigger name,  a double nominee, a huge Emmy favorite, but his episode isn't the best of the bunch. That honor goes to Mark Margolis in a silent performance in Breaking Bad. Last year Paul McCrane beat out Fox with an outstanding episdoe, and I think Margolis will do the same this year.


  1. Again, difficult choice. I am not exactly sure about this one because a lot of these names are not as recognizable as Michael J. Fox, and I know that I may a little biased because I am a big fan of Fox, but I don't know.

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