Thursday, September 20, 2012

2012 Emmy Predictions: Comedy Series

Will Win - Modern Family
Could Win - Girls or Curb Your Enthusiasm
Should Win - Big Bang, Modern Family, or a few not nominated (Parks & Rec and Louie come to mind)
Commentary - While I think that Modern Family is starting to show some Emmy age in its third season, I still think that it is pretty much a lock to win a third. Next year, however, may be a different story. Girls is the new hot show, but it is pretty much all about Lena Dunham, and I think it will have to wait its turn. And Curb has been nominated so many times over the years and has only won two Emmy awards, period. While I think its episodes are the funniest of the bunch, I don't think it can pull it off this late in the game. So it is Modern Family for the win!


  1. My personal favourite comedy didn't even get nominated, but out of the shows that did get nominated, I would go with either Big Bang or Curb, but of course the world doesn't work that way, because Modern Family will obviously win.

  2. You Know I have been rewatching certain seasons as we head into the Emmys, and after viewing both Big Bang Season 5 and Modern Family Season 3, I actually think that BB had a better season, probably its best yet. But like you said, the world doesn't work like it's supposed to.