Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 Emmy Predictions: Best Actor in a Comedy Series

Will Win - Jim Parsons "The Big Bang Theory"
Could Win - Larry David "Curb Your Enthusiasm" or Louis C.K. "Louie"
Should Win - Louis C.K.
Commentary - A really close race, that may surprise some people come Emmy night. Both Larry David and Louis C.K. play themselves, or something close to it, and both are previous nominees. David has a great episode, but since he didn't win for so many seasons, I wonder if he can win this time around. And C.K. is clearly the number two (in my opinion), having so many individual nods. But despite all the love, he couldn't get Louie into the Comedy Series race, say like Lena Dunham did with Girls. But C.K. does have a very relevant episode, visiting the USO. However, one statistic continues to stick out in my mind, and may be the down fall of both C.K. and David. That statistic is: no actor has won this category playing themselves. It seems as if the acting branch committees prefer actors who play a completely different character. So in that spirit, I think that, despite his own trends to buck (no actor has won three consecutive Emmys since Michael J. Fox for Family Ties), Parson's incredibly hilarious episode, combined with the problem for C.K. and David, will be enough for him to squeak out Emmy number three.

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  1. Parsons is simply the funniest, and though one day I'd like to see C.K. or David win this, I think Parsons name will be called a third time. Also I'm a big fan of Big Bang Theory personally.