Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PGA Expands to 10

So yesterday, the Producers Guild of America, considered to be one of the best precursors to the Oscars, announced that they too would be expanding their nomination count to ten. Here is the official statement:

“The PGA board approved the expansion of our Best Produced Picture category nominations to support our colleagues at the Academy, but also because we feel it better represents the unprecedented diversity of films being produced today,”

First off, as a blogger and an Oscar geek, this really helps out with predictions, cause with 5, the DGA, PGA, and WGA could have all matched up, making it very difficult to predict the rest of the category.

On the other hand, the PGA, to me at least, seems to be bowing down to the Academy, and instead of trying to keep its legitimacy, it is basically saying that it is a mere precursor to a more important award.

Either way, its going to be an interesting season.....

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