Monday, September 7, 2009

A Look At: Supporting Actor in a Miniseries/Movie

I am surprised (although looking at the choices it’s not hard to see) that this category is seemingly weak. Not that the actors are bad, because they are very good, but because the overall performances just don’t stand out like the other acting mini/movie categories.

Andy Serkis got a lot of fame for his roles in Peter Jackson movies, but his crappy French accent and underwhelming performance will counteract his known capabilities.

While I think Grey Gardens will be dominant, I don’t think it will be enough for the underused Ken Howard, who I am kinda surprised, got in with such little screen time.

Len Cariou and Tom Courtenay have very baity roles (Courtenay’s being a lead, but whatever), but I think there seemingly unknown status in popular American television may hurt their cause, which is unfortunate.

So I go with Bob Newhart. Not because this is the best performance, or by any means a great TV movie, but because in his almost 50 year television career, he has yet to win an Emmy. I say it’s time to honor a legend, once and for all. Also with a seemingly weak category, this may be a nice slot for a standing ovation.

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