Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Impact of TIFF Part 5

A Single Man - This Colin Firth/Julianne Moore drama was one of the nicest surprises coming out of Toronto this year. While we still need to see box office and US critical reception, it looks as if this could be a dark horse contender in many categories. Firth is getting the most buzz, and many are now considering him a lock for a Best Actor nomination.

Up in the Air - The biggest surprise was not the positive reception to this movie, but the overwhelming nature of the positive reviews. Not only were they fantastic, but as soon as it was screened, it suddenly became a lock for a Best Picture nod. George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, and Anna Kendrick have seen their buzz skyrocket, as well as Jason Reitman, who scored a surprise nod for Juno and could see himself in Kodak again.

Whip It! - Speaking of Juno, this quirky, girl-powered Drew Barrymore flick actually got some really good reviews at Toronto. Ellen Page is supposed to be phenomenal (another Oscar nod), and more importantly, it has proven that Barrymore is talented behind the camera. It's also said to be an absolute riot.

The White Ribbon - This one has been on the radar through most of the summer, and got its first dose of American critique. While I think it may be too small and unknown to score a Best Picture nod, I definitely think it is a lock for the Foreign Language one.

The Young Victoria - This one could be a nice surprise come Oscar morning. First off, Emily Blunt is said to be fantastic, and many thought she was robbed for The Devil Wears Prada, with all the newcomers in the Best Actress race, they may decided to go with a still relatively young actress, but one that has already made a mark. Technical nods should come as well.

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