Monday, September 14, 2009

A Look at: Best Actress in A Drama Series.

I feel completely underwhelmed by this category, as they once agian chose old favorites over sharper newcomers. And in this case, I think it comes down to about two, maybe three actress.

Let's start with the two I don't think have shot at hell at winning, yet, for some crazy reason could just as easily here their names called out. I personally love Holly Hunter and Sally Field, but I don't particuarlly like either of their shows, and I feel their characters are starting to get stale and redundant. I think next year the Emmys need to get new blood.

I guess I am one of the few people who still thinks Mariska Hargitay is great in SVU. Despite that, I feel that the quality of the show has dipped, making her chances of winning slimmer, as she will have to rely solely on her own popularity to take home another trophy (and don't count out that popularity!).

I loved Elisabeth Moss in Mad Men, but the episode she submitted seemed more like a supporting performance, and with all these over-the-top commanding performances, I think she will be simply over-powered.

Kyra Sedgwick has been patiently waiting to finally win an Emmy for The Closer, and despite a great episode submission, and the fact that she has never won, I think she'll have to have just a little more patience.

This leaves the reigning champ Glenn Close. I just think she is too good for them to pass up. Damages is such a great show, and because it doesn't seem it's going to win the top prize, this is nice way to give honor to the entire series.

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