Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Look At: TV Movie

Compared to the Miniseries category, the TV Movie category is stocked full of great movies, and will surely be an interesting race to say the least.

Coco Chanel should have been named the Shirley MacLaine show, because the other parts of it were only so-so

Taking Chance was a really beautiful movie, but I think its subtleties and almost subdued (but brilliant) performance from Kevin Bacon may get lost in the shuffle.

Into the Storm was a nice historical drama, but there will be too many comparisons to other HBO vehicles like The Gathering Storm and Warm Springs, and too be honest it is a lesser entry by comparison.

Prayers for Bobby is the dark horse here, and could provide us with a big upset if people are paying attention. Sigourney Weaver is simply fantastic, and could upset as well in her own category. More importantly however is the social significance of the piece. Liberal Hollywood may love the fact that it is a vehicle for gay rights, especially with Prop 8 still floating around there, and may reward this simply to send an important message to the rest of the state of California.

However, like most people who try to keep up with the ways of television, I am predicting the overwhelmingly popular Grey Gardens. With Tour de France performances from the legendary Jessica Lange, and the surprisingly incredible Drew Barrymore, Grey Gardens will most likely prove to be this year’s John Adams.

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