Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Look at: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

William Hurt is an Academy Award winning legend, and his role on Damages is great, but it seems to me that the buzz for him, and the show itself is low. I just don't see him winning this year.

John Slattery submitted his best episode of the season, but it still wasn't that great. The fact that he got a nomination over Vincent Kartheiser is simply atrocious, but with Mad Men being the Drama Series frontrunner, don't count him out.

William Shatner is the least deserving nominee in Emmy history. Ok may I overexaggerate a little bit, but I really am tired of seeing him name. The sad part is, there are people that will vote for him, and (gasp!) he could actually win.

Christian Clemenson submitted an over-the-top episode, that may sway Emmy voters, it has in the past. However the sudden lack of BL love, makes me think not.

So then it comes down to two. For a while I thought that Michael Emerson was a shoo-in (I mean if Terry O'Quinn can win, why not Emerson), but the more I watch Aaron Paul's brilliant performance, and the more I realize how well liked Breaking Bad is, I think he is going to take home the gold.

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