Friday, September 18, 2009

A Look At: Drama Series

Big Love was a nice edition, but to be honest, I haven't heard a word about it all season, maybe aa suprise winner? Most likely not.

Dexter is another one that has been completely off my radar. I know it's a great show, but where is the buzz?

House had an off year. Hopefully Hugh Laurie will win, other than that, be happy to be nominated.

In such a great year for TV, it is no surprise that Damages is so far down the list. This one and the next three are the real contenders, but once again the buzz seems to be going against them. Oh well, Glenn Close's win should be a nice consolation prize.

Lost just keeps getting more interesting, and yet, I think its Emmy chances are slowly slipping? Probably not, but in the year that seems to be all about Mad Men I think they will be lost for words....that was a really lame pun btw.

I think Breaking Bad has an excellent shot at this, and I no I am in the minority on that. If Bryan Cranston can win last year, when no one even thought about him, then it means there is a loud minority in the Academy waiting to honor this underground cult hit.

But, unfortunately for Breaking Bad, this year belongs to the Mad Men. I just really don't see anything stopping it, everyone is prediciting it, and so am I. However, I do always fear for shows like this though. It just seems to easy to pick it. Don't be surprised at an upset....

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