Sunday, September 13, 2009

Creative Arts Emmys 2009

So last night, the Creative Arts Emmy Winners were announced.

While they usually don't have that much implications for the ceremony next week, here are some interesting points from last night winners.

I went 1/4 (pathetic I know) in the Guest Acting Categories, only guessing the easiest of them all Tina Fey. Don't be fooled though, the winners were all considered great possibilities, and I personally love Michael J. Fox, Ellen Burstyn, and JT. Timberlake was the real shocker, not because he didn't deserve it, but because of his age, and the fact that most people still view him as a singer, not an actor.

Kathy Griffin ended her two-year Emmy streak, and lost to Intervention. Kinda surprising because she was hosting...does that mean NPH is out of luck too?

Little Dorrit got 4 CA Emmys, and Generation Kill got 3. Still makes predicting the miniseries category kinda difficult. But I think I am going to conform with the rest of the pundits, and switch my prediction to Little Dorrit.

Grey Gardens won the most of any TV Movie, which for me, means that all branches of the Academy really liked it. And the Emmy for Best TV Movie goes to....

Tune in this week for my Drama predictions, a final list of any last minute changes, etc. And after the Emmys I will be switching back into movie/Oscar mode, updating predictions, discussing the impact of TIFF, and making a list of the Best Directors of all time. Stay tuned.....

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