Friday, September 11, 2009

A Look at: Guest Actor in a Drama Series

These five nominees were almost considered locks, and each of them is a brand-name in terms of acting greatness, so choosing among them is a very hard task.

Ted Danson’s nomination was great, but after last year’s roll on Damages, this nomination feels like second place at best.

Ed Asner has won more Emmys than any other male actor. But this year, I feel there is too stiff of competition for him to triumph again.

Michael J. Fox was a breath of fresh air on Rescue Me, but the two ahead of him, I think, are going to be too much.

As with Fox, Jimmy Smit’s storyline on Dexter was the highlight of the season, and up until recently, I was predicting him to win.

But this year, I think they will take one more chance to honor ER, and more importantly, I think anyone with a heart will find it very hard to not check of Ernest Borgnine for his incredible part in the series finale.

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