Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If There Had Been Ten: 1998

The Nominees:

1. Shakespeare in Love
2. Saving Private Ryan
3. Elizabeth
4. Life is Beautiful
5.The Thin Red Line

The Next Five:

6. The Truman Show
7. Out of Sight
8. Gods and Monsters
9. Primary Colors
10. A Simple Plan


11. What Dreams May Come
12. Pleasantville
13. Bulworth
14. Affliction
15. There's Something About Mary
16. Central Station
17. A Bug's Life
18. The Horse Whisperer
19. The Prince of Egypt
20. Mulan
21. A Civil Action
22. Hilary and Jackie

Commentary: In my heart, I wish that the tenth spot could have gone to There's Something About Mary, Pleasantville, or What Dreams May Come, but considering they either got no nods, or a few technical nods, which have less weight than acting/writing nods, they are on the outside looking in. So I went with the Billy Bob Thorton led A Simple Plan, which managed a nod for him and for the script. Out of Sight got an editing nod and a writing nod, and was well received, so its in. Peter Weir managed a director's nod for The Truman Show, so I stuck with my director/picture theory. Finally, Primary Colors and Gods and Monsters managed screenplay nods (and one win), as well as some acting nods, and seemingly had a lot of support to make the final ten.

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