Monday, August 16, 2010

Emmy Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

The Nominees:

1. Aaron Paul "Breaking Bad"
2. Martin Short "Damages"
3. Michael Emerson "Lost"
4. Terry O'Quinn "Lost"
5. John Slattery "Mad Men"
6. Andre Braugher "Men of a Certain Age"

Should Win: Aaron Paul "Breaking Bad"

Will Win: Andre Braughter "Men of a Certain Age"

Commentary: This category, as well as the Supporting Actress, has proved to be the most difficult to predict. Martin Short and John Slattery probably don't have much of a shot at winning, but I thought the same of Jon Cryer last year, and the bastard pulled off a win, so I'm being cautious. The Lost boys could both win, as they are both previous winners, but I think that they might cancel each other out, although I think O'Quinn could pull a quick one. Aaron Paul is absolutely brilliant in Breaking Bad, and should have won last year, and should win this year, but I think his role can sometimes be overshadowed by the great Bryan Cranston. So I went with the nominee who many people (including myself), didn't think would make the cut, and now seems to be the one to beat. I am hesitant to do this, but Andre Braugher has gotten surprising Emmy love before, and his role on this underappreciated show is really great, so despite my hesitancy, I think he will walk away with the trophy.

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