Monday, August 2, 2010

Emmy Predictions: Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

So I am now starting to make some Emmy predictions. I know it is early, and I will do a full redo a day or two before the ceremony, and make any appropriate changes. So here is the first category:

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series


1. Jane Lynch "Glee"
2. Julie Bowen "Modern Family"
3. Sofia Vergara "Modern Family"
4. Kristin Wiig "SNL"
5. Jane Krakowski "30 Rock"
6. Holland Taylor "Two and a Half Men"

Will Win/Should Win: Jane Lynch "Glee"

Commentary: Three previous nominees, Krakowski, Taylor, and Wiig are all great on their respective shows, but are not the strongest contenders, and should be satisfied that they received a nomination. However, it seems that there is a three-way battle for the top prize from two new and popular series. I think that the Modern Family girls are great, but could suffer from split votes. More importantly, it is going to be hard to stop the momentum of the incredible Jane Lynch. Her Sue Sylvester has already been engrained into modern pop culture. Furthermore, she did an almost impossible task of being a female supporting character to win best comedy performance at the recent TCA awards. It is going to take a huge upset for her not to win the prize.

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