Friday, August 27, 2010

Emmy Predictions: Comedy Series

The Nominees:

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm
2. Glee
3. Modern Family
4. Nurse Jackie
5. The Office
6. 30 Rock

Should Win/Will Win: Modern Family

Commentary: Curb Your Enthusiasm got rewarded for its return, but since it missed out so many times before, I can't really see it winning the prize this time. The Office, I feel, may have its big year next year, especially if it is Steve Carrell's last year, plus it has already won, and really is just a nice placeholder. Nurse Jackie snuck in this year, and deservedly so, but I feel like it is all about Edie Falco, and should be happy just to be nominated. 30 Rock could easily walk away with its third straight Emmy, and it would deserve it, however, I feel that the two new hot shows are overshadowing it this year. Glee is a phenomenon, but the Emmys rarely reward such highly popular shows, so I am going with the incrediblly funny new Modern Family will take the prize, as it should.

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