Friday, August 20, 2010

Emmy Predictions: Best Actor in a Comedy Series

The Nominees:

1. Jim Parsons "The Big Bang Theory"
2. Larry David "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
3. Matthew Morrison "Glee"
4. Tony Shalhoub "Monk"
5. Steve Carrell "The Office"
6. Alec Baldwin "30 Rock"

Should Win: Jim Parsons "The Big Bang Theory"

Will Win: Tony Shaloub "Monk"

Commentary: This category is stacked, yet I found it pretty easy to come to a winner prediction. Matthew Morrison sings incredibly in Glee, but is just overmatched by the other nominees. Steve Carrell's Emmy should come with his last season on The Office, so my guess is that he wins next year. Larry David comes back into the race with the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but as before, many feel he is simply playing himself, and doesn't show enough range for an actual win. The final three are the real contenders. Alec Baldwin could easily win his third Emmy for 30 Rock, and it wouldn't shock me, but my guess is that he barely misses this time around. Jim Parsons should win for his quirky, yet lovable role on The Big Bang Theory, but rarely at the Emmys does the person who should win actually wins, but he is not far behind his biggest competition. Tony Shalhoub is an Emmy fave, and in his last season on Monk he submitted the best episode for him, as it is really long, and shows a lot of dramatic depth, which ironically, I think will win him his fourth lead actor Emmy for a comedy series.

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