Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy Analysis and Future Projects

Before I dive into the winners, I would like to make a few comments about the show itself. Jimmy Fallon did a great job as host, and this is coming from someone who is not a Jimmy Fallon fan. He was funny, and kept the show moving at a brisk pace, as it managed to stay under the three-hour mark, and instead of being about useless things (like the Oscars this year) it was about the awards, and the winners. In terms of the winners, this was the most exciting list of winners, and some of the best deserved Emmys I have seen in a long time. Sure there were some old favorites, but a lot of newcomers to the party as well celebrating new and old shows as well as new and veteran actors. Now on to the winners!

While the Drama category kicked my butt this year in terms of predictions, I was pleasantly surprised, and in some cases down right thrilled by the winners. The only major category I got was the writing award for Mad Men (I know only one! so sad). I should have known that Mad Men was going to win the Best Drama Series award again, but was hoping Lost to triumph. Also, after the smug little speech that Matthew Weiner gave after winning, I hoping that voters move on to one of the many other great television dramas there are today, and let the three peat not be four. Bryan Cranston winning wasn't shocking although Michael C. Hall or Hugh Laurie finally winning would have been nice as well. But the Kyra Sedgwick win was a little surprising, and very well-deserved. After many excellent seasons on The Closer, she deserved a Emmy for her work. That category also proved that just because the SAG, GG, and TV Critics anoint the same winner (Julianna Margulies) doesn't mean that he or she will win the Emmy. Then came the supporting categories. I was thrilled by the Aaron Paul win, especially since it should be his second, and the Archie Panjabi win was the biggest surprise of the night, and the most welcomed one. The only category I thought was not well deserved was the directing one. I like Dexter, but the Lost series finale was one of the most stunning television events I have ever witnessed, and it getting completely shut out of the top awards was a travesty.

Now this category I actually did incredibly well, missing only one major category, and it was the one I was most excited about. Modern Family was so well deserved, and so well received by everyone, that I hoping that the Emmys continue to honor great comedies, and not neccisarily the most popular (aka like they did with 30 Rock). Jane Lynch and Eric Stonestreet were expected to win, and both deserved so, and gave funny, yet warm speeches. Another thing I learned about the Emmys is that they love Edie Falco, in any shape or form, they love her, and she will win.....period. The writing and directing awards went the way that they should, but for me the real surprise was Jim Parsons, who was the person who I thought should have won. I was thrilled over his win, and hope that there are more to come for him in the near future.

The Rest
  • They love Jon Stewart....get over it haters
  • Temple Grandin was extremely popular, and provided for great television last night.
  • The Amazing Race FINALLY lost, and to the well-deserved Top it is a race for now on.
  • George Clooney is the man.
  • Finally...and most imporantly, the Emmys are unpredictable, and sometimes they get it right, and sometimes they don't. This year....they got it right.
For the next couple of weeks, I need to focus on school, but have a Best of the Decade Television Awards project underway which will get me through till TIFF in mid-September, then the Oscar season offcially begins! Thanks for tuning in to my Emmy coverage. I hope to improve it for next year, and hope that you keep reading.

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