Sunday, July 19, 2009

The End of an Era....Or At Least It Should Be.....

I decided to make a list of some of the Emmy Nominees who continue to receive Emmy nominations long past their performance peak. Basically I've OD'd on them, and it's time for their time in the sun to end.....

1. Tony Shaloub - I'm going to be completely honest, I thought Monk had ended a couple of years ago, but alas, it's still on TV, and that means Tony Shaloub receives another Emmy nomination. At one point, I thought Shaloub's character was inventive and great, and I was thrilled when he won an Emmy. Now six nominations and three wins later, without any major depth added to the character, the embracing of Monk has gotten old.

2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Let's put out a disclaimer. I love her. But Christine is no Seinfeld, and she has more than earned her due. It's time to step aside and let the plethora of talented actresses finally get the due they deserve.

3. Sally Field - Once again, I love her. She deserved the Emmy she won, but....Calista Flockhart has outshined Mrs. Field the last two seasons, and it's time the two swapped places. You've won your Emmy Sally, it's okay to step aside.

4. Jon Cryer - The only cast member I still found funny is Charlie Sheen. So why does Cryer keep getting nominted? It's my theory he rides in on the Sheen train. But whatever the reason is, if Two and a Half Men is done in the Comedy Series category, it should take Cryer with it.

5. William Shatner - Does anyone else find him annoying? I didn't particullary like Boston Legal and I'm glad to see it didn't get nominated one last time in the Drama Series category. I just wish they would have had the same idea about Shatner.

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