Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emmy Nomination and Predictions: Guest Actor/Actress Comedy

GUEST ACTOR IN A COMEDY SERIES: Alan Alda "30 Rock", Beau Bridges "Desperate Housewives", Jon Hamm "30 Rock", Steve Martin "30 Rock", Justin Timberlake "Saturday Night Live"
  • REACTION: Once again, one great name after another. Hate to see Will Arnett snubbed, but overall great category.
  • SNUBS: Will Arnett "30 Rock", Albert Brooks "Weeds", Idris Elba "The Office", Brad Garrett "Monk", John Larroquette "Chuck"
  • WINNER: I say the 5 time winner Alan Alda rides the 30 Rock train.

GUEST ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIES: Jennifer Aniston "30 Rock", Christine Baranski "The Big Bang Theory", Tina Fey "Saturday Night Live", Gena Rowlands "Monk", Elaine Stritch "30 Rock", Betty White, "My Name Is Earl"

  • REACTION: I just want to say, I love these Guest Categories, an excuse to include star power. Great to see Jennifer Aniston, I loved her on Friends. And of course the great Tina Fey makes it in. Two time winner Kathryn Joosten gets snubbed.
  • SNUBS: Salma Hayek "30 Rock", Patti Lupone "30 Rock", Bernadette Peters "Ugly Betty", Oprah Winfrey "30 Rock"
  • WINNER: Is there really another option: Tina Fey "SNL"

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