Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emmy Nominations and Reactions: Lead Actor/Actress Drama

ACTOR, DRAMA SERIES:Simon Baker "The Mentalist", Gabriel Byrne "In Treatment", Bryan Cranston "Breaking Bad", Michael C. Hall "Dexter", Jon Hamm "Mad Men", Hugh Laurie "House"
  • REACTION - Sometimes the Emmys just get it right, and that's what they did with the inclusion of Simon Baker, great actor in an up and coming show. The rest are the usual suspects. Kinda suprised that Kiefer Sutherland didn't get in, because of his popularity, although they may have compensated for it with his TV Movie/Miniseries nod, so its all good. Also the James Spader love seems as though it has finally run dry, and for that we should all be thankful.
  • SNUBS - Kyle Chandler "Friday Night Lights", Michael Chiklis "The Shield", Denis Leary "Rescue Me", James Spader "Boston Legal", Kiefer Sutherland "24"
  • WINNER - I know Bryan Cranston shocked last year, and despite the new found love of, Breaking Bad, I will join the Mad Men train, and say: Jon Hamm "Mad Men"

ACTRESS, DRAMA SERIES: Glenn Close "Damages", Sally Field "Brothers and Sisters", Mariska Hargitay "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit", Holly Hunter "Saving Grace", Elisabeth Moss "Mad Men", Kyra Sedgwick "The Closer"

  • REACTION: Elisabeth Moss gets her first, well-deserved Emmy nomination. The rest of the nominees are past nominees/winners, and no real shockers. Kinda suprised that Mariska Hargitay got in again, and that Golden Globe winner Anna Paquin got snubbed, but it seems the vampire curse at the Emmys continues.
  • SNUBS: Patricia Arquette "Medium", Angela Bassett"ER", January Jones "Mad Men", Evangeline Lilly "Lost", Mary McDonnell "Battlestar Galactica", Anna Paquin "True Blood", Ellen Pompeo "Grey's Anatomy", Jill Scott "No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency", Jeanne Tripplehorn "Big Love"
  • WINNER: After no four straight nominations, I think that this is the year for: Kyra Sedgwick "The Closer"

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