Saturday, September 5, 2015

2015 Emmy Predictions: Best Writing and Directing in a Drama Series

Best Directing in a Drama Series
Will Win - David Nutter "Game of Thrones - Mother's Mercy"

Could Win - Any of the other four

Should Win - Jeremy Podeswa "Game of Thrones - Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"

Commentary - How the epic white walkers battle of Hardhome did not get nominated is beyond me, because those scenes would be hard to beat. With two episodes nominated though it is clear that the directors branch loved this season of Game of Thrones. Of the two, Mother's Mercy is the most popular, with a writing nomination as well, and just feels like the right winner. But this one is truly a toss up. The Homeland episode won the DGA Award this past January, The Knick (a real spoiler here) has Steven Soderbergh at its helm, and while Emmy voters have longed moved on from Boardwalk Empire (except for the technical elements), Tim Van Patten has already surprised for the show, is an Emmy favorite, and has been continuously nominated for the now ended series. But I really do think that Game of Thrones is going to take one of these writing/directing awards as it marches to a Best Drama Series win, and this looks like its best bet.

Best Writing in a Drama Series
Will Win - Matthew Weiner "Mad Men - Person to Person"

Could Win - Any of the other four

Should Win - Matthew Weiner "Mad Men - Person to Person"

Commentary - Mad Men has two options this year, Better Call Saul's entry is fantastic, Game of Thrones' Mothers Mercy got nominated for writing and directing, so must be a favorite episode among voters, and while The Americans continues to lose out on Emmy nominations, the writers love it and recognize its brilliance, and so could show the other branches what their missing. But I would honestly be surprised if anything other than the Mad Men finale won here. It might not win Drama Series, as Game of Thrones' nomination tally this year is quite impressive, and it is clearly on the rise with Emmy voters. But I think it is going to win at least one, hopefully two big parting gifts on its way out the door. This will be one of them. Mad Men has always had great writing, and the series ended on a high note. It is also one final win for the show's creator Matthew Weiner. I know that saying "any of the other four" is once again a cop-out, but beyond this episode, it really is a toss-up if they choose to go elsewhere.

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