Friday, October 25, 2013

2014 Daytime Emmys Will Feature Two New Categories

The NATAS, the group responsible for the Daytime Emmys, has continued to try to keep up with the changing times in modern-day television. So this year, the Daytime Emmys will present two new categories:

1) Entertainment News Program - I did not know that there were now categories for shows like Extra and Entertainment Tonight, but now they will be eligible for this new category which will focus on: "programs covering the entertainment industry with a focus on human interest, popular culture and celebrity gossip and interviews." This is actually a large group of shows that have previously been excluded, so it is not a bad addition.

2) New Approaches Drama Series - In order to enter the Daytime Drama Series category you have to have aired at least 35 episodes. So the Daytime Emmys have added a category for newer daytime programs that don't air that many episodes. I don't particularly like the phrase "new approaches", but as more series move to this format, this will be an interesting category to watch.

The full press release is here:

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