Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skyfall: Oscar Contender?

There has been some buzzing on the awards circuit lately about what many will consider an unlikely Oscar contender: the latest Bond flick Skyfall. While normally I would rule it out in major categories, and reserve it for only technical categories, I am starting to think there may be something more in its future. It is not just getting good reviews, it has been getting raves. Hiring Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes, adding Oscar winner Javier Bardem as the villain alongside superstars Daniel Craig and Judi Dench seemed to have paid off. It may be the best Bond film in terms of reivews of all time, or at least since some of the earlier efforts. I'm still not sure it will get a Best Picture nod, but if some of the other really big contenders fail or don't do as well, then maybe there is a slot somewhere in the 5-10 nominees for a really good Bond effort. We'll have to wait and see. And finally, I think that no matter what happens higher up, that it will do really well in technical nods.

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  1. I never was crazy about Bond films, I'm probably the only movie buff who don't like the James Bond films, but I'm not sure if the Oscars will bait this one up because they never baited any of the other ones up (The BAFTAs did however, so I'm expecting Skyfall to score well across the pond)