Thursday, October 4, 2012

68 Foreign Language Film Submissions

So the deadline has passed, and we now know all of the contenders for Best Foreign Language Film including big films like No, Amour, The Interrupters, A Royal Affair, Fill the Void and others are all in this. Now, the Academy may tweak this slightly, but basically this is what were working with, and I must say it looks like an exciting year for the category with lots of great potentials. Thanks to the guys at In Contention for compiling this list!

"The Intouchables" (France)
"Amour" (Austria)
"No" (Chile)
"Lore" (Australia)
"Our Children" (Belgium)
"A Royal Affair" (Denmark)
"Sister" (Switzerland)
"Fill the Void" (Israel)
"War Witch" (Canada)
"Barbara" (Germany)
"After Lucia" (Mexico)
"Blancanieves" (Spain)
"Children of Sarajevo" (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
"The Hypnotist" (Sweden)
"Beyond the Hills" (Romania)
"The Patience Stone" (Afghanistan)
"Pharmakon" (Albania)
"Zabana!" (Algeria)
"Clandestine Childhood" (Argentina)
"If Only Everyone" (Armenia)
"Buta" (Azerbaijan)
"Pleasure Boy Kamola" (Bangladesh)
"The Clown" (Brazil)
"Sneakers" (Bulgaria)
"Lost Loves" (Cambodia)
"Caught in the Web" (China)
"El Cartel de los Sapos" (Colombia)
"Cannibal Vegetarian" (Croatia)
"In the Shadows" (Czech Republic)
"Check Mate" (Dominican Republic)
"Mushrooming" (Estonia)
"Purge" (Finland)
"Keep Smiling" (Georgia)
"Unfair World" (Greece)
"Inuk" (Greenland)
"Life Without Principle" (Hong Kong)
"Just the Wind" (Hungary)
"The Deep" (Iceland)
"Barfi!" (India)
"Tiny Dancer" (Indonesia)
"Caesar Must Die" (Italy)
"Our Homeland" (Japan)
"Myn Bala" (Kazakhstan)
"Nairobi Half Life" (Kenya)
"Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg" (Latvia)
"Ramin" (Lithuania)
"The Third Half" (Macedonia)
"Death for Sale" (Morocco)
"Kauwboy" (The Netherlands)
"Kon-Tiki" (Norway)
"When I Saw You" (Palestinian Territories)
"The Bad Intentions" (Peru)
"Bwakaw" (The Phillipines)
"80 Million" (Poland)
"Blood of My Blood" (Portugal)
"White Tiger" (Russia)
"When Day Breaks" (Serbia)
"Made in Ash" (Slovakia)
"A Trip" (Slovenia)
"Little One" (South Africa)
"Pieta" (South Korea)
"Touch of the Light" (Taiwan)
"Headshot" (Thailand)
"Where the Fire Burns" (Turkey)
"Firecrosser" (Ukraine)
"The Delay" (Uruguay)
"Rock Paper Scissors" (Venezuela)
"The Scent of Burning Grass" (Vietnam)

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