Saturday, April 2, 2011

The State of the Race: First Predictions - Best Supporting Actor

Jim Broadbent "The Iron Lady"
Paul Giamatti "The Ides of March"
Phillip Seymour Hoffman "Moneyball" or "The Ides of March"
Sean Penn "The Tree of Life"
Christopher Plummer "Beginners"

Other Contenders - Archie Hammer "J. Edgar", Vincent Cassell "Dangerous Methods", John C. Reilly "We Need to Talk About Kevin", Ben Kinglsey "Hugo Cabaret", Matt Damon "Contagion", Jude Law "Contagion", Alex Shaffer "Win Win", Aaron Eckhart "The Rum Diary", Richard Jenkins "The Rum Diary"

Commentary - There are not a lot of contenders as of now. A lot of big names, but a lot of projects that have big question marks. Right now I am going with five big names who have been popular with the Academy in the past. Paul Giamatti should probably be nominated for Win Win, but Clooney's The Ides of March could be a big contender for him, or for another co-star Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who might get in for Moneyball as another option. If The Tree of Life is any good then Sean Penn's name needs to be in the mix, as a two-time winner. If The Iron Lady is good, and Meryl Streep isn't too overpowering, then the always great Jim Broadbent should definitely be included in the mix. Finally I went with my personal FYC favorite this year Christopher Plummer, who is apparently perfect in Beginners, and deserves an Oscar.

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