Thursday, August 6, 2009

Top 50 Films of 1998-2008: Part 5

10. Fight Club – Before David Fincher became an Oscar nominated director, he created one of the most taught, dark, dry, and twisted movies of all time, with the underground hit, Fight Club. While it managed one measly Oscar nomination, it has slowly, over time, worked its way into the hearts of millions and has reached the heights of movie greatness. There are two elements here that truly make this work. The first is the incredible cast. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt play perfectly off of each other as great complements to one crazy person. Then you add in the ever growing talent that is Helen Bonham Carter. Her hilarious and dry portrayal of Marla really gave us a nice break from the insanity of the two main characters (or the one main, depending on how you look at it). The second and most important element is the incredible, choppy, and gritty direction brought on by the underappreciated David Fincher. Combined, these elements created the perfect guy movie, and one that will forever live in movie infamy.

9. Dreamgirls – I know there was a lot of conflict over the greatness of the movie musical Dreamgirls, but on a personal note I thought it was completely robbed of a deserved Best Picture nomination. For me, this did more than most musicals, most of which I find long, loud, and consisting of way to much music. Dreamgirls, to me at least, combined a great story of the trials and tribulations of famous musicians, with a nice balance of Motown-inspired collection of songs. To add to that nice combination, came a cast of some of the finest actors/musicians working today. Eddie Murphy re-launched our faith in his abilities with the conflicted and hilarious character, Jimmy. But the real revelation was the incredible and radiant Jennifer Hudson. While many only thought she was a good singer, I thought some of her best scenes were ones without music. Rounding out the cast were the compatible and talented Beyonce, Keith Robinson, Anika Noni Rose, Jamie Foxx, and Danny Glover. With style, pop heaven, great acting, and effective directing by Bill Condon, Dreamgirls was one of the best.

8. Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 – I know that these were separate movies, but I decided to include them as one movie, because I believe it is best to watch them back to back. While they are no Pulp Fiction, the Kill Bill movies were pure kick-ass heaven. Uma Thurman deserved an Oscar nomination for her kick-ass lead roll that made me love her as an actor, and want to do her all night long at the same time. She was sexy, dark, violent, and most importantly, superbly talented. The supporting cast did a great job as well. Vivica A. Fox may have only been in a few scenes, but her character was pretty unforgettable. David Carradine (May he rest in peace) was great as Bill, and defiantly deserved his Golden Globe nomination. But the real reason this movie succeeded was Quentin Tarantino. Like all of his movies, this was pure Tarantino style. No one else in the world could pull off cheesy dialogue, and a strange, almost unbelievable story, and create pure movie magic. I just wish the Oscars had seen it the same way I had.

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