Monday, August 24, 2009

A Look At: Guest Actor/Actress in a Comedy Series

Guest Actor – This one is a tough call considering all the nominees did a great job.

Jon Hamm and Alan Alda had respectable turns in 30 Rock, and considering the love for the show, they should not be counted out. However, I think they were not as funny, or didn’t stand out as much as the other nominees

Justin Timberlake had a brilliant turn, and a lot of great scenes, but with the exception of Bobby Cannavale, young actors have not had the best of luck in the Guest categories.

So then it comes down to two. Steve Martin probably had the most laugh out loud moments, and in my gut, I think he will win. But for now I am going with Beau Bridges. His touching and memorable performance on Desperate Housewives may not have been the funniest or the showiest performance, but it sure was good.

Guest Actress - Once again, every name on this list is considered Emmy royalty, so picking just one performance will be tricky.

Gena Rowlands and Jennifer Aniston play great characters, but I think lack the punch of some of the other performances.

Christine Baranski does a great job, but may not stand out enough.

Betty While and Elaine Stritch are legends, and have proven that age doesn’t matter when you’re talented.

However, the whole race is a completely wash because of one person: Tina Fey. Need I say more?

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