Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whitney Houston: Early Word

So early word on I Look to You, Whitney's long-awaited return to music is getting early praise from some reputable critics.

Gail Mitchell of Billboard - speaking of Title song "a simple, inspirational ballad that comes closest to Houston's iconic 'I Will Always Love You."

Ann Powers of LA Times said - "Houston's songwriters and producers provide her with top-notch tools; she wields them cautiously and almost humbly, never falling because she never reaches too high."

While neither of them claim this to be her best album by any means, they are praisising her for sticking to her style, and by understanding her new limitations as an artist.

The question then remains, will Grammy follow? While the album won't have much time to really set into the charts and radio, it doesn't mean she won't receive a plethora of nominations. This has been a weak year for popular music, and she is a legend who they have honored in abundance before. I say she will see her named called out come nomination time, maybe even in major categories.

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