Friday, August 14, 2009

A Look At: Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Kevin Dillon is a great actor, and it is a shame that with all of those Jeremy Piven years, he couldn’t have snuck in and one at least once. But with Entourage dipping in quality, and poor submission choice, I think we can safely rule him out.

Jon Cryer actually submitted a great episode, but since Two and a Half Men didn’t manage a Comedy Series nomination, I have this feeling that strong episode submission won’t be enough.

Jack McBrayer submitter poorly, and frankly, he should be happy he at least got a nomination. I think the 30 Rock train won’t be enough to push him over the top, plus internal competition from Tracy Morgan doesn’t help.

If Tracy Morgan had been the sole nominee from 30 Rock, I would give him a pretty good shot at winning this. But internal competition splits votes, and I think that the two listed below have been waiting for Jeremy Piven to finally stop winning, and now is their time.

Rainn Wilson’s submission is the best of the bunch. But as we know, humans are not subjective, and will look to outside factors to make their decision.

This means Neil Patrick Harris probably will take home the trophy. He’s too popular, and may not have the best submission, but has the more likeable character, and I think, will soon have an Emmy to prove it.

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